Interstellar Forge

Terms and Conditions


Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Interstellar Forge will provide to the Customer Internet facilities consisting of some or all of: connectivity, hardware management, software management, web hosting, web design, website promotion, and/or related services described in the plan selected by the Customer from Interstellar Forge'. The specific plan of Services to be provided initially to the Customer shall be as selected in the Order and thereafter as established through correspondence between the Customer and Interstellar Forge.


Interstellar Forge will provide to the Customer technical support associated with normal operation of Customer's website. Support shall include diagnosis and repair of any malfunction of standard network, equipment, and web server hardware or software provided with Customer's plan of Services. Support shall be provided for any issue not directly related to any Standard Issues described above, including but not limited to issues related to web design, third party software configuration or troubleshooting, and training. The Customer may request additional support for items not covered by Standard Support, which would be billed at a specified hourly rate determined by Interstellar Forge.


The initial term of this Agreement shall be as stated in the Order. The Initial Term shall begin upon commencement of Service to the Customer. No Service shall commence unless and until Interstellar Forge receives and accepts a completed Order from Customer, plus payment in full for Services to be rendered during the Initial Term. Interstellar Forge reserves the right to reject any submitted Order for any or no reason prior to written acceptance of the Order. The Agreement shall automatically renew for successive terms of equal length as the Initial Term unless terminated or cancelled by either party. The Initial Term plus all successive renewal periods during which Service is provided shall be collectively referred to as the "Term".

Fees and Payment

All fees for Services rendered or provided to the Customer shall be in accordance with Interstellar Forge 's charges stated in the Order. Any changes to fees for Services rendered or provided to the Customer will be stated and identified as such in correspondence to the Customer, including any related invoice.

Fees for renewal periods after the Initial Term shall be due and owing immediately upon the first day of such renewal period. The Customer will receive an invoice for the charges for the Services rendered or provided by Interstellar Forge for such renewal period, plus any additional Services rendered or provided by Interstellar Forge to the Customer for the preceding month of the Term, and any other charges or fees then due hereunder. Payment in full of such invoiced amount is due upon receipt of the invoice. Should payment in full of any invoice not be received by Interstellar Forge within ten (30) days after date of invoice, Interstellar Forge, in its sole discretion, may immediately terminate this Agreement, and/or withhold or suspend Services. Suspension of service does not necessarily imply termination of this Agreement. Reinstatement of service will require a £40 reinstatement fee. All taxes, fees and charges relating to the Services provided hereunder shall be paid by the Customer. Checks returned unpaid will be subject to a £20 charge.

The Client shall indemnify Interstellar Forge against all loss, damages, costs and expenses arising as a result of any action or claim that the Client Materials, or any Domain Name supplied by the Client, infringe the Intellectual Property Rights, or other proprietary rights, of a third party.